New Immigrant in Norway
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Introduction programme

To improve newly arrived immigrants’ opportunities in Norway, the Norwegian Parliament (Stortinget) passed a law that gives certain groups of immigrants the possibility to participate in an Introduction Programme (Introductory Act). The programme provides an introduction to Norwegian society and it is the responsibility of the municipality to offer this programme.

The goal of the Introduction Programme is to improve opportunities for immigrants to participate in the employment market and society in general, and to strengthen immigrants’ financial independence as a result.

Some immigrants have the right and obligation to attend the Introduction Programme, but not all. This depends on the type of residence permit they hold.

The following groups have the right and obligation to participate in the Introduction Programme:

  • Refugees
  • Persons who hold a residence permit on humanitarian grounds
  • Persons reunited with family member belonging to one of the above two groups
  • Persons who have been granted an autonomous residence permit following domestic abuse

It is assumed that the person requires a basic understanding of Norwegian society and employment options.


The Introduction Programme is aimed at:

  • Strengthening immigrants’ participation in employment and society
  • Strengthening immigrants’ financial independence
  • Providing basic skills in the Norwegian language
  • Providing basic insight into Norwegian society